Some mixtape medicine for all the hard working lads.

-- soft spots field recording- "a plant here and a plant there"
I. Stan Hubbs- Golden Rose (for Bill Spice)
II. Neil Young- Any More Real Cowboys
III. E.C. and Orna Ball- Born to Serve the Lord
IV. Les Rallizes Dénudés- White Awakening
V. Exuma- Mama Loi Papa Loi
VI. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- We No Who U R
VII. Abner Jay- Woke Up This Morning
-- soft spot field recording-"John's grandfather"
VIII. Karen Dalton- Everytime I Think of Freedom
IX. Max Ochs- Raga Puti
X. Marisa Anderson- The New Country

I. Ultimate Spinach- (Ballad Of) The Hip Death Goddess
II. Ultimate Spinach- Visions of Your Reality
III. Geto Boys- I Tried +SCREWED+
IV. The Fugs- The Garden is Open (for Anthony Villa) 
V. Ramblin' Jack Elliot- Pastures of Plenty **
VI. Ola Belle Reed- I've Endured *
VII. Sun City Girls- My Friend Rain
--soft spot field recording-- super silver Michael (hitchhike ride '13) 
VII. Michel Jacques- Fuma Ta Marijuana 
IX. Mississippi Fred Mcdowell- Bye and Bye, Goin' to See the King
X. Alvarius B- Missy Undertaker